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Noblesse Oblige || Hopes and dreams don't exist here; they never have.
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18th-Mar-2030 11:21 pm - Friends Only
Oliver Kahn


9th-Dec-2008 05:08 pm - LJ friends cut time.
Humphrey Bogart
Doing an LJ friends cut. Don't feel offended if you're cut, really. Probably I haven't heard from you for a long time, or I know I'm being filtered for the majority of your LJ :3 Or you're a tard and I just hate you. (Pick one or two! :D)

I'm being moody these days. Probably that's why I'm doing this.

You could comment somewhere if you were cut and wanna be back on, but that's up to you. I'm really not that interesting.

Feel free to bitch about me in your own LJs/ real life &hearts!

Edit: Now that I'm not feeling so bitchy, I'd just like to say maybe I've forgotten who you are if I've cut you.
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